Clg vs cloud9 hltv

Clg vs cloud9 hltv cs go custom weapons

GO Ongoing Events Gfinity Elite Series. GO GosuGamersCS Heroes GosuGamersHotS. This game will be a close one like I said already, and you could argue about a bet on either side, I just believe the CLG boys will just edge it.

Anyone know where I can trade my keys for skins? They're form is looking pretty good especially in Cutler who seems to be stepping up quite a bit. Latest Dota 2 CS: If that's what US has to offer for Katowice then GG Europe. Not convinced on Slemmy either. This message was created by a bot [Contact creator] [Source code]. Have you even saw Tarik playing with CLG vs Kabum on Cclg.

Have you even saw Tarik playing with CLG vs Kabum on NUKE. They got 'd and they got really sad because of this loss. HLTV. shroud(). Cloud 9. Show Result 9: January 20, Tuesday, CEST. Best of 1. Results, VODs, Drafts Counter Logic vs Cloud Game 1. Cloud 9 vs CLG (CEVO-P CS:GO Season 6). Well, there goes my first bet on HLTV :'D. try to use your tiny brain. Its not about the game (C9 vs CLG), its about the site draft a game while game is not ended yet. Got it?

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  1. Шевченко Георгий Валентинович says:

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  2. Григорьев Вадим Павлович says:

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