How to change cs go player models

How to change cs go player models awp все скины в кс го

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How to change View model in CSGO!?! Best Way To Change Viewmodel CS: GO Tips. Also if you viewmodel doesnt change add: viewmodel_presetpos 0 after you have changed in this map. file redirects here. In Counter - Strike: Global Offensive, custom maps can be configured to use different player models, or a variety of player models, for the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams. These models are specified in a .kv file that lives in the Counter - Strike: Global Offensive. hey how i can change and precache the player model, for example this: http , Re: [ Cs: Go ] Change and pracache player models. This plugin can add files to the download table, and also precache the models on mapstart, also a good example to learn on.

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