Cs go crash site mission

Cs go crash site mission cs go skins cash цена

This map is as hard and long as my cock.

A map with 2 elevators and 4 vehicles CT's have to rescue the hostages from floor building. As a DEA agent, your job mision to infiltrate missin home of drug lord El Chapo and end his illegal wealth. OC Coop Zombie Facility. A group of professionals have been hired to break in to the infamous Parker "Building Materials" railyard to steal stacks of cocaine. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.

This is part of the Bloodhound challenges, really fun mission, where you can play against bots with a friend. It's harder than it sounds:) Enjoy the fail. CS GO Coop Mission "The Crash " (COUNTER STRIKE Teamwork & GLOBAL ELITE PROS) - Duration: CS: GO: Co-op Mission Rage — Welcome to Hell! 1. Click on the "Subscribe" button and restart your CS GO. 2. Make a lobby "Play" - "Play with friends" and choose "Workshop", choose this map and start The CRASH - Co-op Strike Mission (Izak and Rojo).

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