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Cs ops facebook counter strike global offensive купить в алматы

Last week c-ops community voted for its favourite AK skin! Critical Ops will not include maps from other games such as Dust 2 from Counter Strike or any maps from Critical Strike Portablebut possibly will support community maps.

Cs ops facebook THIS PAGE CHANGED TO COUNTER STRIKE UNOFFCIAL PAGE THANK Remember to vote for your favourite AK skin! Guns of Boom - Online Shooter Game Insight 1. Each tier fqcebook case bonuses, C-Ops swag such t-shirts, hoodies and caps, possibility to do giveaways, in-game news section feature, opx sneak peeks, alph … a access, content creator tag [C] and more. Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images. In addition to eSports news, you can read some development news too.

Forgot account? Log In. Do you want to join Facebook? Sign Up. Critical Ops (commonly abbreviated as C- OPS) is a tactical first person shooter developed by Critical Force Entertainment and functions as the sequel and successor to Critical Strike Portable, which was released on August 14, on the browser version of Facebook. Готовы ли вы без лишних слов погрузиться в экшн шутер от первого лица? Critical Ops - это динамичный экшн шутер, который проверит твою реакцию и тактическое мастерство.

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