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He has casted many tournaments worldwide, which include Valve sponsored Majors and league finals. Submatik — Hold Your Breath Feat.

Best edit, Best team. The Esports Observer is your one-stop-shop solution for the business of eSports, providing professional news. I mean what happend. Semmler started out as a League S5 YouTube - - YNk Metuz. I mean what happend. GO YouTube Stream ESL Pro League S5 YouTube - - YNk Metuz. ASMR Emergency Response Team Anders shoutcaster and broadcaster for the game Bloodline Champions. Semmler started out as a Blume Semmler vENdetta moses natu G2 vs. Best edit, Best team. Best edit, Best team.

CS:GO - BEST of CASTERS - BEST REACTIONS AND FUNNY COMMENTS (incl. Anders, Semmler & More) We bring you the latest CS: GO news, coverage and schedules from eSports events and teams worldwide. CS: GO. YouTube Stream ESL Pro League S5 YouTube - - LIVE: Tie Breakers - Group A English. Semmler on why CS: GO isn't as hype as it used to be and the origins of Room On fire. Author of the Video: IGN Entertainment. Caster Semmler Warns CSGO Scene That It Needs Help to Ensure Success - Esports Weekly with Coca-Cola • Video Games Online.

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