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As instructed in the documentation for omniauth and omniauth-steamwe need to configure the Rails middleware to use OmniAuth:: If you've gotten this far successfully, congratulations!

I'm steam openid a hard time using Steam's OpenID. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Let's add a controller and views so we can show a login button to the user and handle the OpenID callback. Greg Schafer Software Developer Boulder, CO, USA Projects Things I've built Thoughts What I'm thinking about Guides Code-related tutorials and guides Hobbies Gaming, sports, cooking, etc. After they login, the user is redirect back to your page, that you set on the LightOpenID constructor. Use of the APIs also requires that you agree to the Steam API Terms of Use.

Создаем авторизацию с помощью Steam API (OpenID). 1. Создаем в директории сайта папку "lightopenid" и в этой папке создаем файл "" c данным кодом. Note that OpenID identifiers, while technically usernames, are actually formatted as URLs. A typical Steam OpenID identifier (called the Claimed ID) is. You've made a simple Rails app with authentication via Steam OpenID and data from the Steam WebAPI that is deployed on Heroku!

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