Perfect accuracy csgo

Perfect accuracy csgo how to make good presentation

I have absolutely no fucking clue if that's part of the game intentionally or not. But at range, you're not supposed to be able to accurzcy accurate shots out to, for example, challenge an AWPer.

It doesn't end there either, accuracy csgo also had their own type of movement when rushing opponents. If i point a gun at a target, aim, and fire, the bullet should hit perfect I was pointing. Like it or not, valve's priorities aren't ours but anything game breaking that becomes public will be fixed quick. Beyond letting you compare with a friend, this is a great way to backup crosshairs that you like. It's in an actual round and therefore he can't think beforehand "oh they're gonna go a, so i'm gonna buy a krieg to flank them.

6 Dec Hey! I have just one question. What is the console command to make the 22 May The first shot accuracy in CSGO has been a source of controversy ever since .. one-shot-kill even with armor, if you hit the head or neck.

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